Church Update

(Wednesday, July 28, 2021 – 1:30 pm)

Dear Friends,

Because we will be busy here with the Indoor Yard Sale the next couple of days, I’m sending this out a day earlier than usual.  It’s good to be part of an active church!

Here are your updates:

⦁ This Sunday we will celebrate Holy Communion at the 9:30 service.  We will not have communion at the beach.  The Worship Team understands that some people will want to take a piece of bread and dip into the juice, like normal, during the church service, and others will want the sealed individual elements.  The individual elements are tricky to open and there is always a risk of a spill.  Since we want to be good stewards of the carpet and pew cushions, we will ask that you take them home.   However, when we do distribute the bread and juice during the service, we will invite you to come forward to pick up the individual packets and receive a blessing.   If you are planning to attend via livestream, we will have the elements in the office for you to pick up beginning today.  Since the indoor yard sale will be set up and going on, there will not be room in the narthex.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  We are still working through issues surrounding COVID, so we appreciate your patience!

⦁ Our Indoor Yard Sale is happening!  Set up is tomorrow – Thursday the 29th from 9:30am until we are finished.  Many hands make lighter and faster work, so if you can come and even give just a couple of hours, we would be grateful!  The sale itself is Friday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.  There are a lot of wonderful items: clothes are $5.00 a bag, jewelry is 50% off, and there are items like hardware, household items, bedding and linens, toys, books and more!

⦁ Our Youth Group is leaving for their Mission Trip this Saturday at 3pm.   Please keep the following youth in your prayers: Sam Armitage, Sarah Duclos, Michelle Espinoza, Merrick Kehoe, Karlee Meissner, Clayton Sterling, Milo VanMooy; as well as chaperones, Tim Cline and Hannah Duclos.  They will be traveling to Boston, where there are several projects they will be working on.  They return next Friday, the 6th.

⦁ Mirela is welcoming new students interested in learning the piano or fine tuning their skills.  She teaches all ages and all skill levels at The Conservatory on Highfield Dr., or she can meet you at the church.  If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact her at 774-228-0955 or

⦁ Every month we collect loose change for our “Changing the World” program.  In August, the money will go to Tommy’s Place.  It is a vacation home in Falmouth where kids with cancer along with their families and caregivers can stay up to a week for free.  There is a pool, game room, theater, arts and craft rooms and more.  For more information, you can visit their website: click here

⦁ Here is the latest prayer list for you:
– Our Indoor Yard Sale
– Our Youth Group Mission Trip.
– TLT Meeting on Monday, August 2nd

Pastor Rebecca