Falmouth Bike Lab

BikeLabBLOGThe Falmouth Bike Lab is located behind John Wesley UMC and focuses on teaching people about the power of bicycles. The Bike Lab offers educational programs to youth and adults to teach basic riding and repairing skills. The Lab also hosts programs where an individual can earn a bike to take home.

The Falmouth Bike Lab’s programs are based on the community bike shop model that is found throughout the country and around the world. The Lab takes used bicycles that are donated from members of the community and refurbish them. These refurbished bikes are then distributed back into the community to people that can use them.

Earn-A-Bike Program
Youth that want to earn one of their own bikes can go through one of the Lab’s Earn-A-Bike programs that are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Adults can earn a bicycle by volunteering at the shop.

Open Shop
Our volunteers work mainly during Open Shops, which is when anyone in the community can come, use our tools and get help with their bike. The Lab’s goal is to make sure everyone in Falmouth has a bicycle that works and to educate riders so they can operate and maintain their bicycle safely and effectively.

Open Shop Hours
Every Thursday Night: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
First Saturday of every month: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

No bicycle experience or knowledge is required to be part of our team. Only a willingness to learn and a desire to help others.

If you are interested in donating towards the Falmouth Bike Lab, please contact them directly (the church will direct you to communicate with the Bike Lab).