More to Your Story:  New 6-Session Study Starting September 24.  Join a new study of Max Lucado’s book More to Your Story on Sundays 9:30 – 10:15 a.m., in the Library.  We’ll watch a DVD segment before our discussion each week.  You can opt to purchase the entire book to read more
in-depth, or just buy the study guide and join in the discussion each week.  “Your life is a crafted narrative written by a great God, who is working toward your supreme good. Join Max on a journey through the great promises of the New Testament and discover your place in God’s plan. Everything changes when you see how your story fits with God’s story.”  Books are available after services and in the office – check or exact cash only.  The study guide is $6 and the entire book with dvd is $11.   Contact Brian or Jenn Linton (508-548-2792).