Halloween Party 2015

Humans vs. Zombies Halloween Party!

On Sunday, October 25, 2015 John Wesley United Methodist Church’s Fellowship Hall was suddenly transformed into a haunted house that had been taken over by Zombies! The evening started as about 50 humans poured into the Hall, enjoying tons of treats and crafts. It was so difficult to try and pick which type of sandwich or dessert you wanted. Of course the pumpkin shaped PB&J was a hit!

Then the Zombie Lord revealed himself and the hunt was on! Based on activities and games, the Zombie Lord would gain more Zombies by converting Humans. But, Humans were able to redeem their race by winning games. First on the list, was Battle of the Balloons. Each kid was fastened with a balloon around their ankle and had to pop it as quickly as possible! The Zombie Lord gained a few Zombies that round. The next round was Mystery Boxes. Brains, witches eyeballs, zombie teeth, witches hair and creepy crawlers all had to be identified. More Humans became Zombies because of this challenging game. Next up was Mummy -Wrap. Both the Zombies and the Humans had to fully wrap two of their members as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the Humans won and none were converted. Next up was the Candy Guessing Game. Again, Humans triumphed in this game and converted some Zombies back to Humans! And finally, the biggest showdown of the night; Humans vs. Zombies Man Hunt! Different characters were running around outside for their lives…and the Humans WON!!

After the Humans defeated the Zombies, it was in order to crown the best costumes! Throughout the night, spectators were responsible for casting their vote for the following superlatives: Most Likely to be Seen in a Graveyard, Most Likely to give Bateman a Run for his Money, Biggest “Awwww” Costume, Most Realistic Costume, Costume you wouldn’t Mind Dressing up in and Best Dressed Adult.

All in all, a fun time was had by all! Thankfully, there are no longer any Zombies walking among us…for now. Click here for more pictures.

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