2015 “Hanging the Greens” Family Event Recap

‘Tis the Season: “Hanging of the Greens” Advent Celebration.

On Saturday, December 5th, laughter of both the young and young at heart filled the halls and worship areas at John Wesley. For the first time in church history, decorating the church for Christmas became a glorious event, instead of coming in going like ships in the night. Everyone came together from 4:00-7:00 pm to decorate the church for one of it’s most important seasons: Christmas.

While decorations were being pinned, hung and draped in every possible corner of the church, the children and youth had a grand time in the Education Wing where different arts and crafts stations were assembled. There were stations for making Chrismons, pipe cleaner Advent wreaths, coloring and probably most importantly, cookie jars.

Throughout the evening, families and kids were encouraged to stop by the Photo Booth in the Nursery to take their picture using funny props. Hey…who says it won’t make for a great Christmas Card this year!

Once the church was in all its splendor, all those who were present had a time to reflect on the Advent and Christmas season in a brief worship service. The service consisted of narrating the Christmas story while explaining the meaning of the different Chrismons that were being hung on the Christmas tree. The Children & Youth loved the opportunity to sit at the base of the tree and hang the Chrismons and even  have speaking parts.

All of this fun worked up a hardy appetite! After the service, everyone piled into the Fellowship Hall to enjoy the Briggs’ delicious chili and Christmas themed games. Events like these, where we bring families and members of the congregation together, that are full of purpose and fun are the best type of events at John Wesley. We hope you join us for our next church-wide event! Merry Christmas!

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