Youth Group Public Skating Outing Recap

Public Skating Outing Recap!

Group PictureOn Friday, January 29th, 2016 the Youth Group met at the Falmouth Ice Arena for an evening full of fun and falls! What better way to get out of the house in the middle of the winter than to go to a chilly ice rink…where the threat of bruises, aching feet and collisions are realistic possibilities.

Well, that’s what we did! After everyone laced up their rental skates, it was time to get on the slippery ice. Mr. Anthony was sure to be the first one to fall. Surprisingly, he didn’t lose his balance and take a tumble all night! He even remained upright to take some pictures of the youth doing their thing! Not many kids were on the ice at that time, which was perfect, because we had to get our bearings. Once we skated a few times around, the speed skating and races began. Of course hockey player Chase battled Allison (Falmouth Figure Skating Club Alumni) to a lap around the rink. At this time there were a lot more people on the ice, so it really wasn’t a race of speed, but of maneuvering. The first race was thrown out due to rules not  being established…but the second race was neck and neck…crossing center ice at the same time!

Throughout the night the youth enjoyed yummy, hot pizza, chicken tenders and fries from Pixy Concessions. The youth got a long with one another great. Skating can be a very difficult sport…skates are hard on the feet and have to be laced perfectly for one to feel comfortable on the ice. The Youth hung in there, conquered their feelings of wanting to do better and picking themselves up when they fell. Something we should all reflect on when we seem to fall through life. Thankfully, we have a Father who picks us up every time.

View all the pictures from that night here.

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