Sub Sandwich Fundraiser Recap

Super Bowl Sunday Sub Sandwich Fundraiser!

Making SubsOn Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2016 the Youth Group participated in their 2nd Annual Sub Sandwich Fundraiser. This fundraiser is imperative for the Youth Group, for it generates funds to go towards their Winter Retreat and their Summer Mission Trip. These are two overnight, off-campus events that the Youth get to participate in. The Retreat is an opportunity for Youth to go into another environment in the winter months, where they can deepen their spirituality and walk with God, while building relationships with their peers and of course, while having fun! This is one of the highlights in the youths’ year. Very similar to the Retreat is the Summer Mission Trip. This is a new endeavor but the Youth love this project. Last year, the Youth went up to Boston and helped at a local church prepare for feeding the homeless. The Youth loved seeing how they could directly impact the lives of others in need.

With all that being said, this fundraiser is very important. It allows the cost per child to decrease with the hope of enabling more Youth to attend, to grow spiritually and to give back and serve the community.

Although the absence of the Briggs’ was felt, the Youth and volunteers (Tim and Carrie Leonard, Lynn O’Brien, Anthony Watkins, Laura Ware, Amy Clatanoff-Brown and the K-2 Sunday School- thank you!) did a great job creating a process that was efficient and fun. Toppings were laid out: roll, turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. Youth manned a specific location and each had a roll to play. Some were our inspectors to insure quality control, others wrapped the rolls tightly to they remained fresh, while others made sure chips and napkins accompanied the sandwich. Each part was essential and each Youth member got to participate in serving in different capacities.

Walking in Sunday morning, the Youth were slated to make over 90 subs. Could they make 90 subs, starting at 9:00 am and have them ready for patrons around 11:30 am when the last service was over? It was a hard task, but the Youth stepped up and exceeded expectations…and had all of the subs made by 10:30! They were even able to attend the 10:30 am service. Talk about efficiency! I think we have some future Subway or D-Angelo’s sub-makers among us.

A total of 100 subs were made, generating just under $700 for their Retreat and Mission Trip!

The Youth enjoyed their time making subs for all those who so graciously supported their efforts. We hope you enjoyed eating your sub and would support your Youth Group in the future. Happy eating!

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