Pre-Super Bowl Party Recap

super bowl 50Super Bowl 50 Party Recap!

Although our beloved Patriots did not advance to Super Bowl 50, the Youth Group still celebrated the sport, friendly competition and good clean fun at Youth Group on Sunday, February 7th. This “Pre” Super Bowl Party is ideal for anyone…it’s not during the time of the actual game, hence the “pre” and it gets the excitement and anticipation for the game going.

The party started off with food…of course! Chips and salsa, chex mix, pizza rolls, you name it, we had it! Then, ultimate Football Trivia was on! Questions consisted of actual technical football facts (names of positions, how many points scored given different scenarios, etc.) to team and league related questions (oldest stadium still in use, who won the first Super Bowl, only undefeated season, etc.) and of course, the random questions that make you L-O-L (how many toilets flush during half time in the country, average age of the cheerleader, cost for ads, etc.). It’s safe to say, we have some pretty brilliant athletes in our Youth Group and because of that I wasn’t 100% sure who would take the cake. But, Nathan Ware won fair and square and received a Wilson football for his champion-like win!

Following trivia, it was onward and out for some games that all could participate in: longest kick, longest throw and fastest runner. Catch was, we were using a soft smaller football, not the real McCoy. So that of course, threw a monkey wrench in the competition. Youth stood where their throw or kick ended and soon it became target practice for the kids towards the end. Dodging balls is always fun. There were some mighty long kicks and throws. Milo Van Mooy won longest kick, Timmy Leonard won longest throw and Brian Harbison won fastest runner.

The Pre-Super Bowl Party was a blast for all who attended, make sure you don’t miss out next year!

*We don’t have any pictures because we literally were having way too much fun for that.

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