Community-Wide Easter Egg Hunt Recap

IMG_9575 USECommunity-Wide Easter Egg Hunt Egg-travaganza!

The week leading up to John Wesley’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt was filled with much anticipation! Was the weather going to cooperate, did we really have enough eggs and how many tootsie rolls were really stuffed into the big eggs (later found out, over 20)? The day finally arrived, Saturday, March 26th. It was chilly, but it wasn’t raining as anticipated or snowing! Win-win for everyone! The Youth Group arrived and were put to work immediately! Three age-appropriate hunting areas were roped off (Toddler-Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th grade) and in about 10 minutes time, the grass was blanketed with different color plastic Easter Eggs.

10:00 am was quickly approaching and eager children from the community were rushing through our doors, excited to hunt eggs! Everyone was welcomed into the Fellowship Hall where they were encouraged to participate in crafts, games and could even make their own Resurrection Roll (what’s not to love about butter, sugar, cinnamon, marshmallow and crescent rolls). Then it was time to head outside!

IMG_9544Kids of all ages were ushered to their designated hunting areas to find as many eggs as possible! The Fellowship Hall was quiet all of a sudden, no laughter or chatter…just stillness. And then in a moments notice, kids were back in the Hall emptying their eggs and finding all sorts of yummy candy and chocolate. Then, families then had the opportunity to enjoy all the activities. There were stations where kids could make bunny masks, bunny ears, Easter Egg artwork and more. There were all sorts of games going on as well! Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny, Cross Toss and even a photo booth! Kids then had the opportunity to go outside where they could participate in an Easter Egg Obstacle Course (holding an egg on a spoon through it) and an Egg Toss, where you play catch and throw the (hard boiled) egg to a partner without breaking it. Catch is, you have to take a step backwards every time to make it more challenging.

This Easter Egg Hunt would not have been possible without the support and leadership of our fantastic Youth Group and Adult Volunteers. A very special thank you to Loretta Croft, Jenn Linton, Cherylann Randall, Amy Roth, Jon Ware, Laura Ware and Anthony Watkins. You all are amazing!

To view more pictures of the event, click here.

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