Youth Group Zip-Lining Outing Recap

Climbing and flying through the trees at Adventure Park!

Group USE - CopySchool’s out and summer’s in full swing! And to celebrate, John Wesley’s Youth Group went to Adventure Park in Sandwich, MA on Tuesday, June 28th to navigate through their treetop courses and buzz through the air on their zip lines!

Once everyone arrived, we got our harnesses on, was briefed about how to use the pieces of the harness and how to navigate through the courses. Then it was time to practice! It was a little challenging to get the hang of it while practicing just because it wasn’t a long course, but as soon as the Youth got out in the trees, they picked it up in no time!

Courses consisted of walking on different size boards, climbing ladders, going through tunnels, balancing on rope and of course, zip lining! Based on age, Youth were able to go on courses solo or try more advanced courses with a chaperone. We had two chaperones on the ground, encouraging us, taking pictures and telling us to keep going if we were nervous. Three Chaperones were in the trees helping and assisting when need be.

All who climbed, at one time or another, was pushed outside their comfort zone. Whether it was when they lost their balance and hanging from their harness, when they weren’t able to make a big enough step to get onto the platform, were flying super fast through the air and were frightened by the speed or height, or had to jump off a ledge, everyone was tested…and everyone met their fear with courage. Youth also had the opportunity to help one another. You could see some extending a hand to help another to get on the platform more easily, cheer them on from a different course, being patient while someone was navigating the course more slowly and more. It was really awesome to hear the Youth talking and encouraging one another from the ground up or from tree top to tree top.

As a Youth Group, we highly recommend families go to Adventure Park with their family or friends. There is such a bond and comradery that is built when trying things that are difficult and sometimes frightening.

Thank you so much to Henry Brown, Amy Ladd, Laura Ware and Kayla Staph for chaperoning and participating in this outing. The Youth had an awesome time with you!

Regular Youth Group meetings will start back in September every Sunday from 4:00-5:00 pm at the church.

To view more pictures of the climbing, click here.

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