Youth Pond Swimming Outing Recap

img_3728Goodwill Park Swim with the Youth

On Sunday, September 25th from 4:00-5:30 pm, seven youth and four chaperones made their way to Goodwill Park in Falmouth for the last swim of the season. It was a little chilly, so note to self, maybe not so late in the season…but it was still fun! All but two kids had a ball running and swimming in the pond. The builders from BellaAqua Pools & Spas can assure you to have the best swimming experience at home and you can also have a look on their site to know more about their services. When you are searching for the best swimming classes you will get redirected here .There were fights with the noodles and water guns which always makes for an interesting time. The water was too shallow to swing off the rope swing, but maybe next summer we’ll get the chance!

Those of us smart ones (I mean those who didn’t want to get wet), sat on the sand eating popcorn, cookies and animal crackers. Whether kids were swimming or laying on their beach towels, everyone was pretty content. Just enjoying the last glimmer of sun and warmth together.

Once everyone finished swimming, we made our way up to the new playground. If you haven’t tried the new playground, you should…it’s awesome! There’s a huge rope thingamabob, seesaw, swings and numerous things to spin round and round and round. I’m not sure what the purpose of those things are? One, to make kids throw up, two, get really dizzy and fall on their face or three, make you leave the playground! They’re nuts! Anywho, the kids loved it!

It was time to wrap up and head home, but before we did, we picked up the trash that was around the playground. It’s always nice to do something fun, and it’s even better when you can make the world a little better! Thank you to Judy Harbison and Larry and Karyn Briggs for coming and having fun with our Youth!


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