Recap: Youth Sub Sandwich Fundraiser

Annual Super Bowl Sunday Sub Sandwich Fundraiser

Every year, our Youth Group hosts one of our church’s most scrumptious fundraisers: the Super Bowl Sub Sandwich Fundraiser! This fundraiser is special in nature as all the proceeds go towards our Youth Group’s Annual Winter Ski Retreat. It also is very memorable because the Youth are responsible for making all of the personalized subs. Because of this, this fundraiser has the ability to be a total flop, kids making all the wrong sandwiches for people, adding onions to a sub when the person absolutely despises onions, etc. You see where I’m going with this. But, this year, the fundraiser went off without a hitch! You might even say it was a success…partially (who am I kidding, completely) because we had a pickle stand! All my pickle people unite!

So, this is how the morning goes. Err, backup, even before it’s Sub Day, Larry and Karyn Briggs (our Fellowship and Kitchen gurus) work extensively with the Youth Director to figure out how many subs have been ordered, how many pounds of produce and meat we’ll need to buy, etc. It’s quite a tedious process, there was even a personalized scale involved this year. Oh ya, we went all out. So we got all the materials…and thank God for a slicer. Those things make the world go round. I won’t drop any names, but last year there was no slicer and two helpless souls were stuck cutting everything by hand, with a dull knife. This year, much better. Much better.

So everything’s ready. We’ve got everything sliced, have the Cape Cod potato chips on deck and now we’re waiting for the kids to arrive. And just like that, we’ve got kids washing their hands, grabbing buns (bread buns y’all) and starting to make these scrumptious sandwiches. First your meat, then cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. Then the (w)rapping station. This always proves to be the. most. challenging. station. ever. Those subs have to be wrapped tightly or else everything will fall out. So we devout a little extra TLC in this station. Then, in goes the sandwich, napkin and bag of chips in our nicely decorated brown paper bag. And voila! We’re done! Urrrr…after we make another 130 subs that is.

This year was a record year for orders. We had over 135 subs pre-ordered with the potential to make more the day of. Last year, we had 89 orders going into it. We added a beloved pickle stand…which proved to be a delightful addition. This fundraiser is always a ton of fun for our kids (probably right behind our Flamingo fundraiser…ya, we should write a blog post about that one too!). And because of the support from so many of our church members, the group was able to net $925! How awesome?! This substantial amount cut the fees for our families in half! So thank you so much!

As mentioned above, Larry & Karyn Briggs are the masterminds behind this fundraiser. Without their expertise and commitment to excellence, we’d be lost puppies. No, seriously. Also, a big thank you to our day-of staff, Carrie and Tim Leonard and Lynn O’Brien. You all make everything smoother…thank you!

To view all the pictures from the Sub Making Extravaganza, click here.

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