Recap: 2019 Sub Sandwich Fundraiser

Annual Fundraiser Benefiting Youth Group’s Christian Winter Retreat

On Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, our Youth Group hosted their most delicious fundraiser where they make hand-crafted 10″ Sub Sandwiches for $8 a sub. Over 50 individuals placed orders indicating which toppings they would like on each of their subs: ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and/or onion.

After chopping all the produce and weighing the deli meat, it was time for our students to arrive and start making over 120 sandwiches. You can view here for sandwich franchise options. Students worked different stations, whether it was making the sandwiches, wrapping them up in saran wrap, bagging them, etc. Over the past 5 years we have perfected the process of sub-making and are happy to say this year was our most organized and enjoyable year yet!

An order form is placed on a tray and then the bread is placed alongside it. It’s easy to make 1-3 subs since they all fit on one tray. It gets more challenging when there’s multiple subs per order form all with different toppings. Concentration and attention to detail are very important in this process. Thankfully, our students can do both well. Once the sub is crafted, it moves down to the saran station where we tightly wrap each sub. This ensures that the subs are kept fresh, intact and delicious. This is actually one of the most important steps in the whole process. Then it goes to bagging where subs and chips are placed in a brown paper bag for easy pick-up. We then alphabetize orders on a long table so sandwiches can be picked up quickly.

And back my popular demand…we also offered whole deli pickles! Offering pickles has been a huge success (pickle lovers love their pickles haha) and another way to increase revenue for our Youth.

All in all, the Youth made over 135 subs, 15 of which were donated to the Falmouth Police Department. We netted over $1,000 which went directly to alleviating the cost per student for the Winter Retreat!

We couldn’t do this fundraiser without the support of Larry & Karyn Briggs who do all the purchasing, chopping, weighing, etc. They’re a Godsend…thank you doesn’t do you justice! And to Jeff & Lynn O’Brien, Carmen Espinoza and Carrie Leonard for helping the day of; you help make sure our subs are made to perfection and that we have a fun time doing it! And of course, to everyone who placed an order and/or donated to this fundraiser, because of your generosity, 10 students were able to go to the Winter Retreat and grow closer to the peers, and more importantly, to God. 

Check out all the photos here!


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