Recap: 2018-2019 Youth Group Celebration

Celebrating an Amazing 2018-2019 School Year at Youth Group

Every year at the end of the school year, our Youth Group has a celebration together. Every year is different, we’ve gotten together at a family’s home for boating, grilling and games, another time we brought in a dunk tank and had at it! Over the past year our students have been expressing interest about doing outdoor, tactical laser tag so that’s just what we did!

On Sunday, June 9th we met up at Ultimate Battleground in Bourne. After learning the rules and understanding the equipment we were out in the course! We played a total of 6 different games, each with a different goal and challenges along the way. We rotated our teams at random quite a bit but that was sometimes challenging as we forgot who our new team members were. You wouldn’t believe all the running we did! Every single time a person “died” we had to run back to the base and reload. We took breaks after every game and boy did we need it! It was a beautiful day but it made for a sweaty activity!

2.5 hours later we were exhausted so we headed over to Way Ho Chinese Restaurant in Wareham to have dinner together. We ordered SO much food! Two Pu Pu Platters, lo mein, rice, dumplings, chicken entrees and of course, TEA! Our group had a fun time just hanging out together. Everyone went around the table and shared their favorite memory from this past year which was challenging because we did so much over the year. It was a great way to wrap up the school year and see everyone before we head out separate ways this summer.

A special thank you to Tim Meissner for chaperoning and playing laser tag with us, you were a force to be reckoned with! Check out our Facebook page to see more photos of our time together!

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