With Christians of other denominations we believe:

  • in the Triune God:
    • God, the Father who brought creation into existence and is the source of all love, goodness, beauty and truth.
    • God the Son Jesus Christ, whose life and teachings reveal the love and truth of God and are an example for us to follow.  His death and resurrection demonstrates God’s love for a fallen humanity, assures us forgiveness for our sins and provides the means for our eternal salvation.
    • God the Holy Spirit, who comforts, sustains, guides and empowers us to live Christ-like lives.
  • every person is a beloved child of God, made in the image of God, and is of sacred worth. We believe that God’s love, grace and acceptance are available to all people, without exclusion. We affirm that a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity is a natural part of their being.  As such, we do not consider loving expressions of human sexuality as sin. Christian teaching calls us to offer love and acceptance to all people, without exclusion. Therefore, we welcome everyone into our community of faith, fully equal and able to participate in the life of the church, including marriage and serving as pastoral leaders.
  • every person confronts and suffers the distorting and destructive effects of sin in this life, which makes us estranged from God.
  • that we are reconciled to God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, by defeating the ultimate powers of sin and death.
  • the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the the guide for Christian living. It is the primary source for understanding the nature and purposes of God.
  • the Church is a community of believers called to be instruments of God’s love and presence in the world. It is where people worship, share the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion and help one another grow in Christian maturity through worship, prayer, study, fellowship and service.
  • that we are called, as individuals and as a church to “make disciples of Jesus Christ” for the transformation of the world, by bringing compassion, love, hope and peace to all we meet.