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Pianist/Organist – Part Time, Year-Round

John Wesley United Methodist Church (JWUMC) is seeking a part-time, year-round Pianist/Organist to continue an existing strong music ministry that is spiritually grounded, dynamic and inspiring. Desired music selections will include sacred, classical, traditional, contemporary, and other genres. Responsibilities and qualifications follow:
• Play hymns and worship music for both 8:30 and 10:30 Sunday services, to include prelude, postlude, offertory, and other appropriate music.
• Attend choir rehearsals to provide accompaniment.
• Provide accompaniment to choirs, soloists, special musicians, &/or small groups who may perform during a worship service. Arrange rehearsal time for these musicians.
• Play for special services throughout the year including, but not limited to: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Eve (three services).
• If unavailable on any Sunday, the pianist/organist is responsible for arranging a suitable substitute.
• Provide music for weddings and funerals – Additional compensation to be paid by the individuals involved for these events.
• Work with the Pastor and the Director of Music Ministries to ensure there is a cohesive and inspiring music ministry for the church.
• The Pianist/Organist may use the church’s Music Studio 6’ Weber Piano and the Sanctuary Organ for teaching.
• Possess a strong Christian faith.
• Have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Music.
• The ideal candidate will have skills in both Piano and Organ, but this is not mandatory. Although a willingness to learn and perform on the organ is required.
• Have a strong knowledge of sacred music literature and traditions.
• Have the ability to work collaboratively with the Pastor, the Director of Music Ministries, and the Worship Ministry Team.
• Have proficient musical skills to play many forms and styles of music so as to meet the needs of different worship services and different worshiping styles.
• 7’ Steinway model B concert grand piano, built in 2020.
• State-of-the-art Allen Organ model GeniSys G210e with 34 stops including 6 user-defined GeniSys voices was installed in 2019. This latest Allen model uses voices that were sampled from six different organs from throughout the world. Each can be played independently. They include English Willis & Harrison, French Cavaillé-Colle, German Arp Schnitger, American Schlicker, American Aeolian Skinner, and the classic Allen Organ voices. The additional GeniSys voice list includes 264 voices.
• Yamaha model U1 upright in the chapel purchased in 2018.
• 6’ Weber grand in the music studio.
• Three octave set of handbells and chimes


To apply for the Pianist/Organist position, please submit a cover letter and resume to Search Committee member: Diane Huban at

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