Sunday School

Sunday School returns on September 11th!
Sunday School is during the 9:30 service and is intended for Kindergarten through 4th grade children. We will have two classes taught by three different teachers. Children are invited to attend the first part of the service with their families. Towards the beginning, all children are invited to come up to the altar for a short Children’s Sermon. Afterwards, the children are taken to their Sunday School classrooms for a lesson, games, and engaging activities. Nursery Care is available for children under 5 and they can go directly to the Nursery in the education wing.

Kid’s Service:
On the 1st Sunday of the month, there will not be traditional Sunday School. Children will still attend the first part of the service with their families before the children’s moment. After the children’s moment, we will gather in the Chapel to sing and dance to a few songs from Vacation Bible School! Afterwards, we will participate in a small service project together before rejoining our families for communion.

Kids in Worship:
If there is a 5th Sunday in a month, instead of Sunday School, all children are invited to stay in the service with their families!

Sunday School is a time for students to dig into scripture, learn about applying Christian values to their everyday lives while having fun. We sing songs, play games, pray, read scripture, worship and have fun with each other, all while learning about God’s love for everyone. Our curriculum provides the same key lesson for all ages, so families can go home having learned the same lesson in various age-appropriate ways.