Church Update

(Thursday, December 2, 2021 – 1:30 pm)

Dear Friends,
I hope you are having a good week! Here are some updates for you:
⦁ Friday night at 7:00 is A Musical Celebration of the John Wesley UMC Music Program featuring our new Steinway Piano, Allen Organ, Chancel Choir and Bell Choir! What a festive way to bring in the Christmas Season. There will be a freewill offering. If you are unable to attend in person, we will be livestreaming the program, and will put it on the website next week.
⦁ This Sunday we celebrate Communion. If you would like elements for home use, you can stop by the office. Otherwise, if you are watching from home, please have a piece of bread or cracker and juice or water.
⦁ We are offering another opportunity for anyone who would like to participate in a discussion about our statement of position on our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. It will be in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, December 5th at 1:00. Or, anyone is invited to see me personally and confidentially anytime.
⦁ I hope you can take advantage of our Advent Reflections. Thank you to those who have placed their “hope” star on the altar. The sanctuary is open, heated and music playing on Tuesdays from 3 – 7:00 pm. You can also come at other times when the church is open, if that timing doesn’t work for you. There are reflection questions, and slips of paper for you to share some thoughts anonymously. All reflections will be place on a Christmas Tree in the narthex on Christmas Eve.
⦁ From Hannah: Families of all ages are invited to join us for our second annual Family Christmas Celebration on December 11 at 10:30am in Fellowship Hall! There will be Christmas cookies to decorate, ornaments to create, and Christmas trivia and bingo! If you or your youth would like to volunteer, please let Hannah know! We are so excited to celebrate the Christmas season with your family and we hope that you will be able to join us!
⦁ Christmas Poinsettias: Our colorful poinsettias will add beauty and color to inspiring services. If you wish to sponsor a plant in memory or in honor of a loved one, you may contact the office. Forms are also available in the narthex. The poinsettias cost $12 per plant. Make your check payable to John Wesley UMC. Plants may be picked up following the 7:00 pm Christmas Eve service or left to decorate the church through Epiphany. Donors and those honored will be shared on December 19th.
⦁ Our Changing the World for the month of December is for our Venezuela Project. The money goes to purchase milk for infants of mothers in Venezuela who are in poverty and coming off substance abuse. I know the woman who is helping us – Maria. She is a friend of mine, and her family works at this hospital. I hope you can give plenty of change to help needy children in this country that continues to suffer such turmoil.
⦁ Would you like to gift our church with Altar Flowers in 2022? The new flower chart is on the Altar Guild closet door across from the entrance to the sanctuary. Flowers are $50. You can either take them, or they will be donated to a parishioner or toe Flower Angels, an organization who takes flowers to nursing home residents across the Cape.
⦁ John and I will be visiting my Mom in Indiana next Wednesday – Saturday, so I will be out of the office.
Here is the latest prayer list for you:
– Staff Parish Relations Ministry Team meeting today
– LGBTQ+ meeting on Sunday
– Leadership Team meeting on Monday
Pastor Rebecca