Small Group Studies

Below are some opportunities to enhance your spiritual life:

Lenten Studies

Picture of Seven WordsJohn Wesley Church will be offering Lenten Studies this year starting the week of February 26th. This year, the Spiritual Growth Ministry Team will be sponsoring a Lenten study based on the book “Seven Words: Listening to Christ from the Cross” by Susan Robb. You will be able to sign up for Sunday and Tuesday mornings, and Monday or Wednesday evenings. “Those who listen to Jesus’ last words from the cross will discover what he most wants them to hear, and they will experience an intimate and divine awe only available to those who are willing to draw near his cross.” 

“The most difficult part of Lent is, of course, contemplating our Savior on the cross: the physical pain, the humiliation, and the undeniable injustice. Our hearts break. It’s natural to try and avoid the reality of how Jesus died, but it is from the cross that Jesus shows his deepest love for us. As Jesus draws his final breath and utters his last words, it is then that his deep trust in the Father and his divine glory are revealed. In Seven Words, Susan Robb looks at Christ’s final words from a biblical and historical perspective, showing how we can find life and hope in them. ” (Publisher’s note.)


Wednesdays, 11:00 am, Prayer Group
One of the ways we draw closer to God and one another is through prayer. I invite you to our prayer time on Wednesdays at 11:00. It is ½ hour of short devotion and prayer. No one is asked to pray aloud, but as we share prayers and time together, it becomes easy to talk to God in presence of our Christian brothers and sisters. Those of us who attend find this to be a powerful time of setting ourselves apart during the middle of the week to bring our joys and concerns about our family, friends and church to our Lord.

Don’t see a group that fits your schedule or have an idea for a group?

Contact the church’s Spiritual Growth Ministry Team Leader:

Jennifer Linton