Small Group Studies

Below are some opportunities to enhance your spiritual life:

Lenten study starting in March 2022:  The Chosen Part 2

The season of Lent will begin on March 2nd – Ash Wednesday.   Last year during Lent, we studied the widely popular series, “The Chosen,” which looks at the life of Jesus Christ and how he may have interacted with the people around him, such as his disciples, his mother, Mary Magdalene, the people he healed, and others.  Because so many people found this series to be compelling, we are studying “The Chosen – Season 2” this year.   The publisher describes this season as follows:   The word is spreading that Jesus is the Messiah. Increased fame brings growing crowds, new disciples, and more miracles. It also brings trouble. Mary is confronted with old demons. The tension between Simon and Matthew explodes. James & John battle their prejudices and fiery tempers. But they all continue to passionately pursue the man they don’t always understand but will always follow.

Study Sessions will begin the week of March 6th at the following times:

Sunday after worship with Mel Trott and Kim Black
Tuesday at 10:30 am with Betty Smith
Thursday at 1:00 pm with Pastor Rebecca

Each week on Friday, Pastor Rebecca will send out the link to a new episode, along with study questions for you to consider.  We ask that you watch each episode prior to coming to the study.  And if you can’t make your session one week, you are welcome to attend another. There are eight episodes, and Lent is only six weeks.  Therefore, the groups will meet six times during Lent, and then each group will decide if they want to continue to meet as a group for two more times.

The link and questions will be sent out in an all church email, so if these times do not work for you, we encourage you to either contact our Spiritual Growth Ministry Team leader, Sheldon Keller at to talk about additional times, or form your own group at a convenient time.

I highly recommend you join a study.  This is great opportunity to reflect on what life with Jesus might have been like!  To sign up, please email Ruth in the office at

There will be an opportunity to watch the episodes prior to each Lenten Study.

Wednesdays, 11:00 am, Prayer Group
One of the ways we draw closer to God and one another is through prayer. I invite you to our prayer time on Wednesdays at 11:00. It is ½ hour of short devotion and prayer. No one is asked to pray aloud, but as we share prayers and time together, it becomes easy to talk to God in presence of our Christian brothers and sisters. Those of us who attend find this to be a powerful time of setting ourselves apart during the middle of the week to bring our joys and concerns about our family, friends and church to our Lord.

Don’t see a group that fits your schedule or have an idea for a group?

Contact the church’s Spiritual Growth Ministry Team Leader:
Sheldon Keller