9:30 Sanctuary Service

Please join us in the Sanctuary of John Wesley for our 9:30 Church Service! Each Sunday there will be hymns, a sermon by Pastor Rene and special music.
Current Worship Series: Drawn In: Reaching for God’s Dream:
Our world is changing. There is a cultural shift happening around us, whether we welcome it or not. This change insists on us rearranging our priorities as we move to a new fast-moving, transactional, and all out age of re-inventiveness that pushes us to the self-actualization of getting what we want and what we came here for; yet, often forgetting the big picture. – the things and people that really matter, what truly fulfills and what really counts in life. During this 6-week worship series, we will push back. We will aim at reaching for God’s dream, for us, for our families and for our world. We will be invited to let God draw us back in to God’s true vision of self-fulfillment, audacious faith, faithful hope, and genuine love as we:
1. Imagine a New World       Sunday, September 25
2. See the Big Picture            Sunday, October 2
3. Step into the Unknown    Sunday, October 9
4. Listen to Understand       Sunday, October 16
5. Connect Together             Sunday, October 23
6. Keep All of it Holy            Sunday, October 30