Food for the Soul

Food for the Soul is suspended until we can once again come together in a safe and healthy environment. When we do resume this is what you can look forward to:

Food for the Soul gathers on the first Wednesday of every month, to share a meal together and participate in a short worship service. Before breaking bread together, the guests enjoy a personal testimony by a community guest speaker. The worship service starts at noon and lasts until about 12:30 pm. Lunch is served at 12:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. We hope you join us next time!

During Lent, Food for the Soul becomes a weekly service of Soup for the Soul. Guest speakers share a personal testimony during the worship service. Worship is followed by a lunch of soup to recognize that Lent is more somber and we try to do with less. Everyone is welcome.

Every Lenten season our church offering of “Food for the Soul” transitions to “Soup for the Soul” to recognize that Lent is more somber time and we try to do with less. We will have services each Wednesday at 12:00 pm noon beginning March 4th, with the final one on April 8th. There will be a half hour service of Lenten hymns, prayer and meditation/readings, followed by a soup lunch in the Fellowship Hall. We will have a variety of speakers from area pastors, the community and our congregation. Remember, we seek to provide fellowship, and not only feeding the “soul,” but feeding the “body” as well.