New Organ Campaign

The Organ Ministry Team has recommended the purchase of an Allen GENISYS G210 Organ and The Leadership Team has approved!

The Organ will first be used on Rally Day Sunday in September!

Features include:
• 34 Stops, two keyboards, full pedalboard, great, swell, and crescendo pedals, and touch screen controls.
• The software and hardware can be upgraded in the future as new technology is developed.
• Two main speakers and one sub-woofer will be located in our organ chamber behind the current organ console. Two supplemental speakers will be mounted in the alcoves near the front of the church focusing upward to the peak of the ceiling.
• The sounds are actual recordings of great cathedral organs. The organist can select from SIX different organs: Two German (one that Bach played), one each of French, English, American and standard Allen organ sounds. Each organ plays the full range of 34 standard voices (see specification sheet).
• There are 265 additional voices that add traditional organ sounds (played on all six organs) as well as symphonic instruments, percussion, pianos, harpsichords, contemporary electronic sounds, etc. These allow for versatility and contemporary styles of worship music. We view this as forward looking.
• A library of 300 prerecorded hymns is included. The organist can prerecord other music. The recorded music can be activated remotely through a smart phone app.
• There is a ten-year parts and two-year labor warranty.